Reaction versus Action

Reaction is hardwired into our system... but you can have choices to ACT instead. 

Have you ever felt powerless? Like a wind up toy bumbling through life - or like a wall goes up when nerve wracking things happen? Do you struggle to make decisions and to MAKE YOURSELF CLEAR? Are you always responding? 

What if you could get in touch with your sense of power - at will? 

We are constantly in relationship to the world around us, missing a train, making a mistake, having someone ring your doorbell when you aren't expecting anyone! Getting bad news, having to make big changes are part of life.

While it sounds great - we are creatures of free will, but that freedom can also but daunting and frightening when you feel stuck or bound. 

Some of us roll with these events with ease, but not most and that's NORMAL. 

Our nervous system is bi-directional. Our bodies are hardwired to keep us safe. So we get signals and react. Something outside happens, and inside we have a reaction.  That reaction can, with long term use become something that does not serve us well. It could come from anywhere, chronic assaults on your system hard wire us to protect ourselves. That protection can be avoidance, acceptance, passivity, an increased heart rate, a flushing of the face - tense shoulders, clenched muscles, lack of sleep etc.. 


Sometimes our body and mind don't agree - and the body tells the truth.

Understanding these reactions is the key to changing those unhelpful, hard wired reactions into conscious actions. Getting to know the what, why, and where (inside YOU or outside of you) these reactions come from gives you POSSIBILITIES TO RE-WIRE and take actions. 

Maybe these REACTIONS aren't even yours! Maybe - they were integrated into your system from a long time ago... from someone else or from time long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away... 


Let's find YOUR reactions, let's find the source. With Somatic Therapy we can modulate and find tools to give you the power to push through - calmy - the way your body responses to stressors. We can even make conscious CHANGES. We can cast off what no longer serves you and give you the power to act. 



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