Interested in Somatic Therapy but not ready to commit? Don't worry, I do workshops! Looking to bring Body-mind therapy workshops to your spa, fitness club, massage practice, integrative or function medicine practice? Contact me to discuss, I do 1 hour and 2 hour workshops and series. Want your friend to try out some accessible and approachable self exploration? This is a gentle introduction. 

We will explore our relationship with our body, how to get in touch with our inner messages, explore our relationship with emotions and how it affects our lives - and finally relax with the gift of breath and being embodied. 

Collaborative Workshops

Why stop at one neat thing when we can do two? Want to offer your clients a combo workshop with your art therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, breathwork? Let's join up for a two hour workshop and really treat people to dynamic combinations of self exploration, realization and actualization. 


Contact me for collaborative workshops, we can focus on themes or do overall intros and bring something more to people curious about how to feel and be better. 


Corporate Wellness

Treat your staff to a relaxing 90 minute group workshop. Sitting at a desk all day takes a toll on the body and staring at a computer screen all day takes a toll on the mind, emotions and sense of spirit. Let's have a break and have some fun with a mix of relaxation, postural techniques, and using break-times wisely to refresh. Let's have some fun and get in touch with their sense of grounded, and sense of joy in an integrative way that they can incorporate into their lives at the office and at home. 

Already have a massage therapist come in once a month? Give your staff one-on-ones with a different kind of therapy that addresses more than just the body, and does so in a lasting way. 

Private Wellness for Staff

Private sessions are available for your staff. Are they on their feet all day? If you are running a customer service based business, or a care giver based business, give your employees something back. Physical therapists use their hands and bodies all day for example - I can't count how many times I have heard "Oh my god - it's so weird being ON the table and not AT the table!" 


Do your customer care employees feel the 'burn out'? Give them a treat of an hour one-on-one to rejuvenate from the inside out.  Staff and clients will be able to tell the difference!