Treating your whole self

What is this and is it right for ME?

Body, mind, and emotions are inseparable, Somatic Therapy treats your whole self using a combination of touch and talk therapy. 

What can this help ME with? If you answer YES to anything below, this therapy can help you.  

Do you want more confidence in yourself, do ever feel unseen? 

Are you taking more care of others, than of yourself?

Do you need to set up boundaries but struggle with it? 

Do you struggle managing some emotions? - Do you hate to cry, or hate conflict? 

Would you like to live more mindfully in the present tense ? 

Do you need help letting go of trauma(s)?


Do you feel stuck, trapped or uninspired often?

Do you have panic attacks or panic in certain situations?

Are you having difficulty handling stress, anxiety, or change?

Do you want to improve relationships with yourself and with others?

Is there a chronic or recurring pain that you suffer from? 

Is sex painful? Do you have an estranged relationship with sexuality? 


Is this like Reiki or Homeopathy? 

No, this is based in body exploration, emotional work, somatic experiencing and present talk therapy practices. Clients are allowed to surface, self realize and actualize, sessions are cooperative and creative be it imagery, analogy, metaphors or hand gestures, it’s 100% welcome EXPRESSION.  There is no manipulation of muscles, emotions, energy or mind.

Everyone can benefit from getting to know themselves better. Our goal is to explore malfunctional and beneficial habits, beliefs, holding patterns, physical manifestations, emotional handling, limitations and possibilities of change and improvement. 

Still skeptical? Good on you - check out the ABOUT page or chat me directly 

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Okay I am interested.. 

How it works and what to expect. 

All sessions are fully clothed - both seated and laying on a padded table. 

With the combination of touch and talk we incorporate not just the thinking mind, but the subconscious, sense of self and the emotions within. This therapy is very collaborative, self realizing and self actualizing. Touch makes this a therapy you really feel

One possible process for;  Feeling stuck
We locate where that sense of stuck is, it could be in your head, your shoulders, your heart, your legs, your life, anywhere. I will make gentle contact with that area, close to it, or simply support you with my hands. Touch raises awareness so we can really focus on this sense of stuck. We determine if it's coming from inside, or outside? Are you feeling stuck yourself or something is externally making you feel stuck? A job, a relationship, an old belief system? We engage with this directly with Gestalt Talk Therapy, I support and guide you to really get to know this 'stuck' - it could be stuck by guilt, stuck because you feel unfulfilled in life, stuck because you used to run and now you don't anymore, the possibilities and ANSWERS are endless because they are your own. 
'Stuck' could be many things and this is just one example, but once we have a greater understanding of what surfaces, we can make active choices to change, improve, or be rid of them. 

Get in touch with you in a real and lasting way 


Be seen, heard and supported


uncover your truths and be your embodied self 


Improve relationships with your self, your emotions and with others in your life


Two Locations available for sessions - 244 5th Ave Floor 6 10001  & South Brooklyn 11209 


244 5th Avenue floor 6 New york New york 10001


9707 4th Avenue . Bell6, Apt 6A, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11209




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