Attachment or Commitment??

Ever wonder why you just can't leave or wished you had left sooner?

Or vow that you are committed to something or someone, but secretly wish you weren't a lot of the time?  Do you have that friend that is always upset about the same thing and you wonder why they never seems to break away from it?

I know I do now and previously would agonized over these types of questions frequently.

I often asked myself why I couldn't leave - or what is holding me in place? 

Attachment has its source in personality. 

Attachment closes down options. Does ________ (fill in the blank) make you feel more trapped? Does __________ limit your freedom to be yourself, to be content? Then _______ might be more an attachment than a commitment. 


Attachment is a reaction, an automatic reflex. Whereas Commitment is a conscious choice. 


Commitment comes from somewhere much deeper.

Commitment may sometimes FEEL constricting, that is true!  But it comes from your core and your beliefs. 

Commitment will ultimately lead to MORE options, greater freedom. Does________ make you feel proud even though sometimes it gets tough? Does__________ ultimately give you a sense joy and safety? Is ___________ a chosen commitment that you can you can say "I willingly and am deeply committed to ____________ because I WANT TO"?

Here is another way to try and tell the difference between the two. 

Over time has ____________ moved you closer, or further to limitations? 


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