My Specialties and Interests as a Somatic Therapist

Painful Sex/Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (men and women) /Estranged Sexuality/Vaginismus  

Chronic & Re-Occuring Aches and Pain

Anxiety - Understanding, Modulating and returning to Homeostasis

Stress and Stress Management for real life. 

Life Coaching from the Inside OUT - finding INSPIRATION to fulfill goals

Shedding Limiting Belief Systems and discovering your Authentic self 




Emotional Relationships within and with Others

Self Esteem and Confidence - Feeling in your Own Skin 

Adult Children of Addicts and Alcoholics

Wounded Inner Child & CPTSD

Self Exploration, Actualization and CLARITY

Young Adults learning to ADULT in their own way


Pricing ranges on duration and location - See "Specials"

Consultation Call 15-30 Minutes - Free

Private Sessions are 60 Minutes - 75 Minutes - 90 Minutes or 2 hour One-on-Ones

Workshops and Pricing Vary Pending Length and Location


August 2018 all Fridays "Welcome" special hour rate

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